A Working Project

I will be making a cannon that will launch arrows and rig it to something… I have already done a small test of a 6 cannon that fires at a moderately fast pace, except it fires everything but the middle one… if I can get creative, expect a finished project Saturday.

SDK (ScotyDoesKnow), mind if I use your idea? I will give credits to you, of course, as you influenced me for this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewFrgDPCgGA&feature=player_embedded

YAY! kinda

I can make videos for about a month. Fill in requests quick or get nothin. Sorry

-Camtasia Studio 7

This is a video I made and uploaded in my channel. Enjoy. Credits are in the video description.

Requests Held Back Even More

I am sick. A bit. Requests will be held for 1 or 2 days, if any. If you know me, request on Facebook.

Feel better.

sore throat

no commentary…

Requests Held Back…

Due to school projects and research, studying, modding minecraft, and getting more frames on my computer, requests will be held back for a while. Videos are still being held back, and MIGHT be held back for 5 months. David, your minecraft videos and Maplestory (Loser) request will be held back for a while. I am sorry. Also, boys and girls, taking requests still. This will give me time to analyze your requests. YAY!

A minecraft video I DID NOT make. Credits to Vareide. Good Job!

Taking Requests

I will be taking requests mainly for minecraft, but I can take requests for any other game as well, if I could get it free. No videos yet though. Sorry.

As for Now, I will start building some of these things, and take pictures (hopefully videos) :

-Cities (currently working)

-7 minute minecart coaster

-Mods (maybe)

-Massive animal farm

-Random builds


-Major cities (Like Broville, might take a month..)

-Legitimate worlds

-Random stuff

-Mob Arena

-Any big project you can think of

-Any suggestions

Please note that I may use mods to help with building, add effects, and other stuff. I may not take a request if it is stupid, too long (nothing over 720 hours of worktime) or is something that you are not serious about.